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There are many important details to consider when you are hiking or hunting. But most of them are invisible to the naked eye. With Swarovski telescopes you can watch all these details, and so much more, by focusing your attention on the beauty of nature. Thanks to technically advanced optics and the amazing abilities of these binoculars, you can effortlessly overcome all limitations imposed by nature.

Products not available for USA and Canada markets


The ideal telescope for use in crucial moments of hunting, the modular system for ATX/STX telescopes guarantees maximum functionality possible. The lens can be changed to adapt to personal preferences and specific hunting types. You can use this tool with one hand and can be disassembled and transported easily. The brilliance of his mind is based on technology SWAROVISION and lets see perfect images even at long distances.


All the features that you are looking in a telescope are enclosed in the ATS/STS. Even novice who will surely be satisfied. These tools have all the features that you are looking in a telescope, among them a wide field of view for quick target acquisition and a proven quality optics. The eyepiece (straight or angled) can be adjusted to suit personal preferences for each hunting situation.


The BTX combines the visual power of both eyes with a revolutionary viewing experience. A forehead rest and angled view guarantee comfortable viewing for hours on end. The benefits of binoculars and spotting scopes are combined in the BTX eyepiece module. It presents vivid, true-to-life images and offers the comfort required for long-term observation.
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