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With the Leica observation telescopes, you will discover new wonders every moment. These telescopes offer a perfectly sharp vision, with a system of ultra precise focus. The innovative APO-Televid series boasts apochromatically-corrected systems and uses the special properties of fluorspar (FL) glasses to insure a superior image resolution.

Products not available for USA and Canada markets

Televid HD

The telescopes of the series Televid have fluorite glasses, with the advantage of very low dispersion and better aberration correction. Televid scopes provide the top color fidelity and contrast. With a length of only 30 cm, the spyglasses Leica are particularly practical and portable. Collisions and impacts are absorbed effectively by the magnesium alloy frame with a durable rubber coating. These spyglasses allow fans to observe every detail perfectly, better than any other observation tool.
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