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SkyWatcher HEQ5 MOUNT SYNSCAN + POWER SUPPLY 220V - Binostore.com

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$ 984.00

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The  HEQ5 SynScan mount is the lighter than EQ6 version, for the portability without sacrificing strength and precision during land observing sessions and photographic.Thanks to its max pay load  around 14kg and a steel tripod, this mount lends itself to mounts apochromatic or 6-8' catadioptric.  The latest generation of electronics introduced many functions, that help the astronomer to stationate the mount in the north celestial pole in a precise way or  to point accurately over 14,000 objects in memory.
Compatible with many control PC software (for NexStar GPS), with the new 12 channels kit  and the half column for greater stability and comfort observational

Mount type:     German Equatorial
MAX load capacity:      14kg
Polar spotting scope:     Yes illuminated
Adapter:      Standard Vixen (45mm)
Objects database:      14000 objects - Complete catalogue M, NGC, IC expandable to 40000 storable objects
Alignment functions:      1,2 or 3 stars
Speed:      Sidereal, Solar, Moon,  0,5 - 800x
Firmware updatable      Version 3 updatable via web
Software functions:      PEC, PAE (Pointing Accuracy Enhancement), Polar alignement
AutoGuider:     YES, speed: 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, 1X
Motors:      MicroStep, Resolution: 0.144 arc sec
Counterweight  2  5,1kg
Tripod:      in tubular steel 31mm, height 97-121cm
Power:      12Volt - 2Amp

Cable PC - Power cable 12Volt for cigarette lighter

220V power supply

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