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SkyWatcher COMPUTERIZED MOUNT AZ-EQ6 - Binostore.com

$ 1,743.00
$ 1,656.00

Further Details

The  AZ-EQ6 is an exciting evolutionary development of NEQ6, that has made the history of the medium load equatorial mounts for the  astronomer and astroimager. This new version is mainly characterized by the ability to use altazimuth configuration (for fast observations without stationing), equatorial (for observation or astroimaging) o altazimuth with two instruments in parallel (simultaneous observations with varying focal lengths).
Other the payload characteristics, automatic tracking and reliability that made famous the EQ6 worldwide, the AZ-EQ6 includes also polar tracking and DUAL-ENCODER technology, that allow manual movement without losing correct alignment and the objects tracking.
The counterweight bar is heavier than NEQ6 and there are knobs coaxial very comfortable for cluth the AR and DEC. The latitude adjustment takes place through a large screw that allows a soft and fine shift.

Mount type:      Altazimuth /German Equatorial
MAX load capacity:      around 20 kg
Polar spotting scope:      YES
Latitude adjustment     from 10° to 90°
Adapter:     45mm and 75mm
Objects database:      42.000 objects - Complete  catalogue  M, NGC, IC
Alignment function:      1,2 or 3 stars, assisted polar alignment
Speed:      Sidereal, Solar, Moon, from 0,5 - 800x
PEC correction:      YES
Software function:      PEC, PAE (Pointing Accuracy Enhancement),  Polar alignement
AutoGuider:      YES, speed: 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, 1X
Motors / control:      MicroStep / dual encoder
Counterweights     1  5,1kg
Tripod:      in tubular steel 2", height 71-123cm
Power:      12Volt - 2Amp
Weight:      7,5+15,4kg (counterweight excluded)


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