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SkyWatcher DOB 8'' TRADITIONAL - Binostore.com

$ 367.00
$ 349.00
Optical Design Newton parabolic mirror
Diameter 203 mm
Focal Focal length is the distance over which rays are brought to a focus (lens); it determines important effects in astronomical observation. 1200
Magnification 406 x
Finderscope 8x50

Further Details

The Dobson  8'  telescope is an excellent Newton to observe the deep sky and it is the ideal instrument for the more exclusive objects of the deep sky or comets .

Easy to use, it confirms the Dobson telescopes philosophy to observe asters. It is possible to run down the movement in heigh  using a comfortable grip. The high optical quality and large diameter characterize this Newton not only for the observation of the most exclusive deep-sky objects, but also for smaller details of the planets.

Optical design:     Newton parabolic mirror
Diameter:     203mm
Focal length:     1200mm
Focal ratio:     F/ 5.9
Max useful magnification:     406x
Finderscope:     8x50
Focuser diameter:     2", typo Crayford
Eyepieces:     Super 25 mm and Super 10 mm 31.8mm
Optical tube weight:     11 Kg
Optical tube size:      20.5 cm x 112 cm
Weight:     15 + 17 Kg
Size of the packaging:     77x67x12 cm^3; 126x40x45 cm^3



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