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SkyWatcher BKP 200 DS + EQ5 - Binostore.com

BKP 200 DS + EQ5
$ 922.00
$ 876.00
Diameter 150 mm (6') mm
Focal Focal length is the distance over which rays are brought to a focus (lens); it determines important effects in astronomical observation. 750
Oculars Super 25, Super 10
Mount Adjustable steel tripod
Finderscope 9x50

Further Details

The SkyWatcher Newton telescopes series Black Diamond represent versatile instruments; they allow to perform to the satisfaction of objects of observations of deep sky and solar system, and the photograph of the same objects with a  CCD camera. These telescopes are manufactured at the highest levels of optical and mechanical precision and reveal optical performance.

Optical design:     Neworian parabolic refractor
Diameter:     150mm
Focal length:     750mm
Focal ratio:     F/ 5
Finderscope: 9x50
Focuser:    Crayford dual speed
Power:    12v cable with cigarette lighter plug

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