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SkyWatcher APOCHROMATIC REFRACTOR 150ED - Binostore.com

$ 5,372.00
$ 5,103.00
Diameter 150 mm (6') mm
Focal Focal length is the distance over which rays are brought to a focus (lens); it determines important effects in astronomical observation. 1050
Magnification 280 x
Oculars 28 from 50.8
Weight 14500 gr
Finderscope 9x50 90°

Further Details
Package Content

The SkyWatcher refrectors telescopes series Esprit apochromats are the new top-of-the-range models in Skywatcher's stable; they are excellent in the visual as well as in deep-sky astrophotography, they produce high resolution sharp and crisp images without chromatic aberration. The triplet lens allows to chance to level the field to get perfect and stunning images even at full size. The drawtube is excellent and the focuser in large size ensures smoothness and precision in the focus

Optical design:    Achromat refractor
Diameter:     150mm
Focal length:     750mm
Focal ratio:     F/8.3
Max. useful magnification:     300x
Max. stellar magnitude:     13.6
Finderscope:   optical 9x50
Focuser:     50.8mm
Diagonal:     50.8 mm  90°  with adapter 31.8mm
Eyepieces:     28 mm (28X) 50.8mm
Dovetail bar adapter
Weight:     7 Kg

Aluminium case
Field flattener
Retractable lens hood

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