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The Leica rangefinders provide an essential support for athletes in action. Combining high-quality optics, structural strength and advanced electronics, offer the best results when measuring distance. Maximum precision in the determination of the parameters enables shots from real experts. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the Leica rangefinders are easily into any pocket.

Products not available for USA and Canada markets
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Differently from other rangefinders, Leica Pinmaster laser can determine the distance of small objects, like a golf ball or a flag. Guarantees precision measurements up to a distance of 750 m. small, light, stylish and made with special attention to ergonomics, the Leica Pinmaster can be used with just one hand and fits easily in your pocket.


The Leica RANGEMASTER CRF rangefinders are the most advanced ever. Glass to the fluorite and aspherical lenses to state of the art provide a truly remarkable detail. Bright optics ensure absolute clarity and superior contrast – even over long distances. The ergonomic construction of the Leica RANGEMASTER CRF facilitates use with one hand, while the compact dimensions make it possible to hold it in any pocket.
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