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The Bushnell laser rangefinders provide the measurement of objects with unprecedented precision. The functions implemented by Bushnell also allow to calculate the correct distance with the slope of the terrain and any obstacles present on the trajectory. Bushnell is also leader in golf rangefinders.
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Scout DX

Scout ® 1000 ARC ™ DX acquires the target with a quick E.S.P. integrated processor calculates the offset distance based on terrain angle to give an accurate reading "like a shot" up to 90 meters showing even up to 1/10 of a meter up to 180 meters. Thanks to selectable mode bow and rifle, each with specialized skills, offers the performance of two units in one.


This tool offers a State-of-the-art precision. With Vivid Display Technology ™ (VDT), get reads a distance luminous and clear, even with low light. Identification of target data quick are intuitive in all weather conditions thanks to the optical lens 6 x super sharp and processing HD RainGuard ® lenses.
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