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TFA METEO MAX - Binostore.com

$ 78.00
$ 62.00
TypologyWeather Stations

Further Details

Digital Display

Table and Wall

Max. number of sensors 3 

Air pressure, Outside temperature 

Weight (station) 365 g 

Weight (thermo/hygro sensor) 64 g 

Max. range 30 m 

Sensor power supply AAA battery (2x)

Station power supply AA battery (3x)

Signal type 433 MHz wireless

Forecasts for 12 to 24 hours 

Colour White-silver 

Clock face colour Green-grey

Temperature tendency

Indication of indoor temperature and humidity with comfort level

Maximum and minimum function

Weather forecast by symbols and Meteo Max (22 variations of clothes)

Tendency of atmospheric pressure

Absolute and relative atmospheric pressure

Bar graph indication of the last 12 hours

Radio controlled clock with alarm and date

Time of rising and setting of sun and moon (146 European cities available)

Indication of moon phase 

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