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Celestron ADVANCED VX 8' EDGE HD + POWER SUPPLY 220V - Binostore.com

$ 2,320.00
$ 2,204.00
Optical Design Schmidt-Cassegrain
Diameter 203 mm
Focal Focal length is the distance over which rays are brought to a focus (lens); it determines important effects in astronomical observation. 2032
Oculars 40
Treatments StarBright XLT
Mount Adjustable steel tripod
Finderscope 9x50

Further Details
Package Content

This package combines the groundbreaking new Advanced VX mount with Celestron’s best optics, the EdgeHD optical system.Edge HD, EdgeHD is Fastar/Hyperstar compatible, giving imagers the option to shoot at ultra-fast f/2. No matter which configuration you choose, EdgeHD technology gives you pinpoint stars all the way to the edge of the CCD sensor.

The new Advanced VX mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. Now your smaller telescope can take advantage of All-Star Polar Alignment and autoguider support. You’ll be able to track through long exposures using permanently programmable periodic error correction. Image across the meridian without doing a meridian flip, so you can seamlessly image the best part of night sky. Advanced VX features significantly larger base castings than our previous design, improving stability under heavier loads. Improved motors offer more torque and can handle slight load imbalances with ease.

Focal Ratio: f/10
Optics treatment :Starbright XLT
Finderscope : 9x50
Focal Length of Eyepiece: 40 mm (51X), diameter 31.8 mm
Monunt: NexStar+ technology with computerized Equatorial
Tripod: Adjustable, Stainless Steel 2"
Lenght and Weight of Counterweights : Lenght 12" (30.8 cm), Weight 5.44 Kg
Counterweights: 1 x 5 Kg
Load capacity: 14 Kg
Latitude range: Da 7° a 77°
Motors: DC servo with optical encoders on both axes
Speed: 9 speed levels: speed (max) 4°/sec
Tracking rates:     Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
Tracking mode: EQ Nord and EQ Sud
Hand control: NexStar + update, multilanguages, double row with 16 dates , LED-backlit interface buttons
Alignment mode:  1-Star Align, 2-Star Align, Quick Align, Last Alignment, Solar System Align
Functionality astrophotography: autoguide port, polar alignment All-Star, PEC, over meridian tracking
Database:   over 40,000 object database, 100 user definable; detailed information on more than 200 objects
Communication port:  Autoguider, AUX and RS232 (on hand control)
Power requirements:  12 VDC 3.5 Amps
Compatibility: Compatible with dovetail bar type Vixen and CG5
Mount Weight: 21 Kg
Tripod Weight: 8.16 Kg

RS232 cable for firmware updating
Battery adapter with car cigarette lighter

220V power supply

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