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Ziel binoculars are ideal for walks, travel, entertainment and even for professional use. All binoculars Ziel have a anti-reflective coating of the lenses and coating, scratch-resistant anti-slip rubber that ensure a product ergonomic, resistant and durable.
Classics Compact Binoculars Marine Binoculars


The products ofthe series Ocean are ideal for boating, water sports and for professional use. These binoculars have a backlit compass with grid and graduated scale, which contains nitrogen gas, which prevents condensation and oxidation, it is also waterproof and float. The non-slip rubber coating and shockproof.


The binoculars of the series Z-Pro are ideal for hiking, when you travel or for capturing special moments in sports. This series of binoculars is characterized by achromatic wide-angle lens glare, scratch-resistant rubber grip.

Z-NAV Nav Marina Militare

Binoculars Z-Nav are high quality instruments with a 100% italian design. This binoculars have been officially approved by the Italian Navy. It is ideal to use both on vacation both in moments of leisure. These binoculars have a lens glare and are waterproof.


Smarty binoculars are ideal for walks, travel, entertainment and much more. A veritable fashion accessory to observe and get noticed: a perfect combination of aesthetics and quality. The antireflection coating of the lenses and coating, scratch-resistant and non-slip rubber provide an ergonomic product, perfect and durable over time. All Smarty binoculars are made with Porro prisms.


The Z-CAI binoculars are a lightweight and powerful tool, ideal for hiking in the mountains, for trips and excursions. Thanks to its functionality has earned the trust of the Technical Committee of the Italian Alpine Club.
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