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Inspired by the experience and the enthusiasm of those who work in the field, the Leica binoculars employ only the best components to offer exceptional contrast and images from a precise and reliable mechanical construction in the long term.

Products not available for USA and Canada markets
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Trinovid series has established itself for more than half a century. Trinovid series articles have a compact and ergonomic design, an intuitive internal focusing and optical performance. In addition, virtually indestructible and are unquestionably powerful. The richness of details, the brightness, the brightness of these binoculars has for years constituted a world reference hardly equatable. Every detail is designed to offer the best to the most demanding user. The accurate construction, combined with rubber coating makes them highly durable and able to withstand the most extreme conditions of use up to -25°.

Ultravid HD

The exceptional optical quality of the Ultravid HD binoculars clearly demonstrates the high technical level of Leica. The new lenses to fluorspar (FL) further optimize the color fidelity of images and optical coating AquaDuraTM ensures a consistently clearer vision due to its ability to reject the storage of water and dirt.


The exceptional optical quality of our Ultravid clearly demonstrates the technical level that you can get nowadays. Ultravid BL models for example have the leather and are particularly elegant, while BR binoculars with rubber coating ensures a firm grip and reduces the chance of damage in the event of a fall.

Geovid HD

Optical and electronic perfection. Your binoculars GEOVID HD are designed to accompany you everywhere. His body was made with a cast aluminium not only to reduce weight, but also to increase its robustness. In addition, nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging of the lenses.

Ultravid HD Plus

Leica Ultravid HD series Plus incorporates top performance lenses and solutions that minimize stray light. All this ensures fidelity of color and a superlative contrast, bright and clear vision and sharper resolution of fine details. The innovative AquaDura coating ® provides a crystal clear vision at any weather condition and protects the glass from scratches or abrasions. The raindrops slip simply via, while dirt and fingerprints can be removed easily.


The Leica NOCTIVID glasses are compact in size, stylish, and elegant, but nevertheless unbelievably robust and resilient. Ideal for every walk of life, the new Leica NOCTIVID binoculars set standards alone with their design. The optical and mechanical systems of the new Leica NOCTIVID family of binoculars unite the best of the latest and most innovative technologies to create a new pinnacle of excellence.
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