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Thirty years of experience in the field of camera-optical and the constant research of the highest quality made Ziel Italy a brand recognized for its reliability and design the whole italian panorama. Thanks to the ability to understand and anticipate the needs of a changing market, the brand Ziel offers a large number of products, always characterized by the highest quality research and guarantees its customers an exclusive product in terms of technology, innovation and design; example are the binoculars approved by the Italian Alpine Club, the only ones in Italy, and the telescopes recommended and signed by the astronomer Margherita Hack. Strict quality controls have allowed to extend the warranty to ten years of binoculars, telescopes and microscopes.



Ziel binoculars are ideal for walks, travel, entertainment and even for professional use. All binoculars Ziel have a anti-reflective coating of the lenses and coating, scratch-resistant anti-slip rubber that ensure a product ergonomic, resistant and durable.

Spotting Scopes

Ziel riflescopes are ideal for bird watching and the shooting. These scopes have an achromatic anti-reflective optical coating material, shock resistant, non-slip, are waterproof and have the possibility of applying camera.


Ziel telescopes are characterized by excellent magnifications, brilliant and defined images. Ideal for amateur astronomers who want a tool of great quality at a very attractive price. These telescopes are ideal for the observation of the Moon, the Sun, the planets, the comets, the nebulae, and even the galaxies.

Weather Stations

Ziel weather stations have LCD backlit screen and provide real-time time, temperature, weather conditions and time zone.


Barlow lenses

The Barlow lens is a focal multiplier; it is used mainly in telescopes in order to increase the magnification factor developed by the tool. Takes its name from its inventor, the English engineer Peter Barlow.

Camera adapters

A photographic adapter allows you to connect a direct fire telescope. It can be used for terrestrial photography planetary, Lunar, but long weak objects pose.

Diagonals and prisms

The mirror diagonals and prisms are ideal for high contrast images in any situation, from planetary observation to that deep-sky.


An optical filter is a tool that sends, or selectively light passes with particular properties as one or more wavelength, a range of color, polarization, or lessen the intensity. They are ideal to optimize your comments.


An eyepiece is a lens or group of lenses placed at the end of a telescope or a microscope. The eyepiece to magnify the image formed in the focal plane of the objective: for this is positioned so that its axis and that objective are the same, and so its focus coincides with the lens focus.


Coverslip slides are a fundamental tool for: microscopy enthusiasts Can be plastic or glass, usually with square side of 2 cm and thickness less than a millimetre.

Solar panels

The solar panels have a great accumulation of solar charge, to charge your devices during your excursions.


With the tripod and frames you can improve your comments. You can make it without the images when you capture the surrounding nature or take aim more easily during your hunts.


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