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Zeiss accessories are well researched and can further enhance your visual experiences: how to turn your binoculars in a telescope, or a comfortable ergonomic strap, making it more convenient transportation. The practical accessories were developed by hunters for hunters and then are directed first of all towards the needs of those who use them.


Camera adapters

A photographic adapter allows you to connect a direct fire telescope. It can be used for terrestrial photography planetary, Lunar, but long weak objects pose.


The cases of products help you to carry and to protect your equipment. The basic idea and their design were thought by putting the user in the first place, why have an important role.


An eyepiece is a lens or group of lenses placed at the end of a telescope or a microscope. The eyepiece to magnify the image formed in the focal plane of the objective: for this is positioned so that its axis and that objective are the same, and so its focus coincides with the lens focus.


With the tripod and frames you can improve your comments. You can make it without the images when you capture the surrounding nature or take aim more easily during your hunts.




Zeiss binoculars are ideal companions for travel, sports or cultural events and for hunting. Attractive design, use of high-quality materials and the ongoing commitment to the development of advanced technologies: Zeiss binoculars are destined to be a leader in the field of observation.

Rangefinders Laser

See and measure, this formula identifies the Zeiss laser rangefinders. The integrated ballistic information system BIS ® make it a major accomplishment for every Hunter and equipment of each observer, with precise and accurate measuring results.

Spotting Scopes

Zeiss spotting scopes allow you to get the best of every situation of observation and hunting. Sharp, surprising even brightness in low light conditions, wide fields of view and practical use are among the characteristics of Zeiss riflescopes that offer very high optical quality and unique observations in nature, down to the smallest detail and in all aspects.


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