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The telescopes Sky-Watcher are designed with the aim to satisfy the requests of anybody who meets astronomical and terrrestrial observation, either as neophyte or expert, with the best value-for-money. The reasearch of quality and the attention to details are applied to all the items in catalogue: from the refractors, to the computerized mount, till the most recent apochromatic refractors.



Spotting Scopes

The spotting scopes Skywatcher are pointing tools and are perfect for high-level terrestrial observations or birdwatching. Optical performance is excellent for all models, the high-res images are sharp and bright on the entire field of view.


They are both telescopes designed to get closer to the experience of astronomical observation, ideal as a gift for young astronomers, and genuine professional observation instruments, with innovative tools. SkyWatcher telescopes are designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the sectors worshippers and of those who come close to the observation of the celestial Vault.



An optical filter is a tool that sends, or selectively light passes with particular properties as one or more wavelength, a range of color, polarization, or lessen the intensity. They are ideal to optimize your comments.


With the tripod and frames you can improve your comments. You can make it without the images when you capture the surrounding nature or take aim more easily during your hunts.


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