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A wide assortment of accessories that enhance the functionality of your equipment and improve the possibilities of use. By lenses tripod adapters, straps for use of binoculars.


Camera adapters

A photographic adapter allows you to connect a direct fire telescope. It can be used for terrestrial photography planetary, Lunar, but long weak objects pose.


An eyepiece is a lens or group of lenses placed at the end of a telescope or a microscope. The eyepiece to magnify the image formed in the focal plane of the objective: for this is positioned so that its axis and that objective are the same, and so its focus coincides with the lens focus.

Shoulder and carrying straps


With the tripod and frames you can improve your comments. You can make it without the images when you capture the surrounding nature or take aim more easily during your hunts.



Pentax binoculars are characterised by a constant search for perfection. The use of materials of the highest quality and finest optical principles, adopted in the whole range of our observational tools combined with the latest technologies, provide binoculars perfect for the experience of all users.

Spotting Scopes

Pentax spotting scopes come to approach the desire of observation of nature and its details. Professionals wishing to document and publish the results of its activity, amateurs, universities and observatories around the world, are the main users of Pentax spotting scopes, designed to the highest standards of astronomers and professional ornithologists.
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