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The brand Leica is associated with excellence and quality in the production of binoculars and sports optics from over 100 years. The passion for hunting led the team to continue improving product technologies, especially to stay at the forefront of telemetry. Leica combines superior optics, precision mechanical components and design at the highest level in the whole range of products. Whether it's bird watching or nature observation, travel or recreation, the wide range of binoculars, telescopes and rangefinders can certainly be the ideal partner for your specific needs.

Products not available for USA and Canada markets



Inspired by the experience and the enthusiasm of those who work in the field, the Leica binoculars employ only the best components to offer exceptional contrast and images from a precise and reliable mechanical construction in the long term.

Rangefinders Laser

The Leica rangefinders provide an essential support for athletes in action. Combining high-quality optics, structural strength and advanced electronics, offer the best results when measuring distance. Maximum precision in the determination of the parameters enables shots from real experts. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the Leica rangefinders are easily into any pocket.


With the Leica observation telescopes, you will discover new wonders every moment. These telescopes offer a perfectly sharp vision, with a system of ultra precise focus. The innovative APO-Televid series boasts apochromatically-corrected systems and uses the special properties of fluorspar (FL) glasses to insure a superior image resolution.


Camera adapters

A photographic adapter allows you to connect a direct fire telescope. It can be used for terrestrial photography planetary, Lunar, but long weak objects pose.


The cases of products help you to carry and to protect your equipment. The basic idea and their design were thought by putting the user in the first place, why have an important role.


An eyepiece is a lens or group of lenses placed at the end of a telescope or a microscope. The eyepiece to magnify the image formed in the focal plane of the objective: for this is positioned so that its axis and that objective are the same, and so its focus coincides with the lens focus.

Shoulder and carrying straps

T2 Adapter ring

The camera adapter rings are fundamental tools to get the best images from the astronomical point of view, both for what concerns the world of microscopy.


With the tripod and frames you can improve your comments. You can make it without the images when you capture the surrounding nature or take aim more easily during your hunts.
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