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Celestron ADVANCED VX - Binostore.com

$ 1,112.00
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The new equatorial mount Advanced VX was designed to provide optimal performance in imaging with small telescopes. With this frame you can use the convenient All-Star Polar Alignment (which allows for the alignment without seeing the Polar star) and port for the guider. And it's possible to monitor long exposures and to schedule the permanent periodic error correction. You can also take pictures at the turn of the meridian without performing the inversion in the meridian. The frame Advanced VX has a base plate significantly larger than the previous frame, improving stability when subjected to heavy loads. The improved engines offer more torque and are able to easily deal with slight imbalance. Also the mount AVX has internal clock (RTC module) with battery backup and then can be turned off without losing data alignment.

Mount: German equatorial computerized

Load capacity: 14 Kg max

Speed Motors: 9 Speed: 4 ° / sec, 2 ° / sec, 1 ° / sec, 64x, 32x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 2x

Alignment mode: 2-Star Align, 1-Star Align, Solar System Align

Speed tracking: Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, Off

Tracking mode: EQ North, South EQ

Push-button control: Nexstar + upgradeable with internet

Communication ports: RS-232 in the control panel, two AUX ports, port Autoguider

Database: 40000 items

Embedded electronic modules: PPEC, RTC

Total weight: 21 Kg

Tripod: In steel, pre-assembled and extensible

Counterweight: 1 x 5 Kg

Pushbutton: Nexstar + upgradeable

Adapter Cables: RS-232 for remote control with PC, power cable with 12V cigarette lighter plug

Software: NexRemote (in English)

220V power supply

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